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TRAINING: Firearms, Krav Maga (Contact combat), Counter-terrorism, Personal security training, Stealth security.

In the security industry there is no place for amateurism that can potentially put lives at risk. Security is a wide reaching term that can include executive protection, counterterrorism, installation security and more. In each of these fields professional standards and procedures as well as trained personnel are a must. Every company or organization that requires security services needs to organize a team that has completed the necessary training in order to satisfy the security requirements of the organization. 

Each organization has its own specific threats that dictate its security needs. That is why the appropriate training must be prepared in order to adequately qualify the security team for its essential task. At Unmillennium we specialize in training security personnel and operators according to the client’s needs. Our experts are all veterans of the Israeli security forces and they have international experience. We prepare a training curriculum and pass it on with highly qualified instructors. 
We conduct firearms training, hand to hand combat (krav maga ) training, training in counterterrorism tactics, courses in close/executive/VIP protection as well as in covert security. 
We believe security is far more than uniforms and weaponry- it’s a challenge that requires mental fortitude as well as physical abilities. A security officer must possess many psychological and mental capabilities and the ability to quickly take the initiative in order to receive and make decisions, especially when he or she is armed with a weapon.

Firearms training– Our firearms courses include theoretical and practical training at the range where the trainees will practice and learn the use of various firearms, their maintenance and cleaning, assembly and disassembly, as well as dealing with malfunctions. Our training emphasizes discipline as well as when to properly use lethal force in accordance with the pertinent legislation. 

Hand to hand combat (Krav Maga) training- The Israeli combatives method has become famous worldwide due to its effectiveness in neutralizing security threats. It is widely used all over the world by security and police forces. This method was originally designed for the battlefield but with modifications it was adapted for police and private security in order to deal with close range threats and when the situation dictates the use of firearms is not appropriate to properly mitigate the threat.

Counterterrorism– Fighting terror is not the sole provenance of governments, often police and private security forces have to deal with threats that can only be defeated with counterterrorism tactics. Our training prepares security personnel to deal with complex situations that require intelligence collection and carrying out offensive or defensive actions.

Executive/Close/VIP Protection training– At Unmillennium we conduct courses in executive protection based on our extensive experience. Our courses give the trainee the necessary skills to identify threats towards the protectee/principal and respond accordingly. 
Covert security- This training enables trainees to blend within a crowd, obtain intelligence and gain a perspective on the situation without being noticed.