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Secure Courier

Many of our customers have the need for a secured courier services, sometimes as an occasional event and with others it’s a part of their routine business activity. Secure courier is needed when cash or other valuables transportation is required. Those might be daily or weekly revenue, diamonds and jeweleries, art pieces and various valuables. Any movement of cash or other valuables is considered dangerous, there is always a risk some individuals or groups will try to rob the valuable items. Such an event risks not only the money but as well human life, therefore valuables transportation is done only with secure courier.


Unmillennium supplies international secure courier services for diverse clients from the private and commercial markets. More than once we heard about embezzlement within secure courier companies; we believe that more than anything secure courier is based on loyalty and devotion to the duty. Therefore we select our personal with great care and give the proper training to fulfill the mission in house.

Secure courier demands strict procedures in all aspects of the operation, starting with collecting the valuables until their safe hand over in the final destination. There is a need in a compartmentalized plan to transport valuables without exposing them to unnecessary risks, often it requires secrecy. As well any operation must consider a detailed action plan for malfunctions and malicious assaults. The team must have the proper training which will assure their readiness to handle any situation on the way. Secure courier is done with secured vehicles and armed forces, this requires working under procedures subject to the law. As well insurance company requests may apply.


Secure courier is a complexed task which involves many. Unmillennium has the experience to work together with all parties involved, from custom brokers to aviation companies, in order to execute complexed projects of international secure courier.

When cash or valuables transportation is needed, there is no place to trust the luck – the organization or individual must no try to handle it alone. You must use professional services of a company with secure courier expertise, we know how to do the job correctly and responsibly. Always remember secure courier expose employees to risk, only people with the proper experience and training should participate in this job; their tactics can reduce the risks and they know which precautions to take. Among our customers banks and financial institutes, businesses with revenue in cash, jewelry companies and traders and many more. Business such as those are using our services to transport goods daily.