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Night Club Security

Nightclubs, bars, pubs as well as other entertainment venues bring people together to have a good time, but sometimes incidents that may or may not be violent can effect and disturb the normal operation of these places, potentially deterring current customers from returning to them in the future as well as risking potential lawsuits and legal troubles. That is why at Unmillennium we believe that preventative measures as well as skillful handling of these incidents is critical in order to ensure the smooth operation of the venue and the ongoing safety of the venue’s clients. From our point of view venue security is more than bouncers or ushers in uniform, but it begins with risk analysis and preparation of clear-cut comprehensive policies and procedures. The staff must also be trained on how to response to various situations in accordance with current legislation while at the same time not disturbing the normal operations of the establishment. Our staff are specially trained for entertainment venue protection- aside from mastery of both non-lethal and lethal use of force options, venue security requires special sensitivity and good interpersonal skills in order to prevent potential escalation. When a threat is identified the security team responds in order to neutralize the threat without using excessive force.