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Legal Services

For the past 15 years, the Unmillennium’s Repossession department is managed by Dror Turjeman, authorized by the Israeli Enforcement and Collection Authority (court certified). The department consists of skilled and professional teams that execute court orders nationwide, property eviction, seize foreclosed vehicles, collect debts from debtors in Israel and abroad, locate debtors and handle the problematic elusive debtors. The team operates nationwide with 17 teams and patrol cars, working together with a team of movers.

  • Bad debt collection
  • Specializing in the Arab sector
  • Expedited bounced check collection
  • Locating debtors
  • Professionally seizing foreclosed vehicles
  • Legal submissions nationwide, including the Palestinian
  • Authority and in coordination with the Liaison Department
  • Recovering vehicles from Eastern Jerusalem
  • Collection team specializing in Eastern Jerusalem
  • New!!! Special training for business owners and individuals toward recouping debts with or without checks, based only on their word – that is our specialty