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Dignitary security (VIP Protection)

Unmillennium has many alumni of the Israeli Secret Service (the Shabak’s VIP protection unit) and the IDF Chief of Staff’s Protective Services Detail in its ranks. They are skilled in creating operational plans according to risk assessments and the needs of the client while maintaining absolute discretion and secrecy. These personnel conduct special training sessions and maintain their skills in governmental and private training establishments in order to achieve the required professional levels that our company requires. The protection of VIPs requires the most qualified and professional staff in terms of the level of security and the ability to provide the first response in case of emergency medicine.

Protection of delegations often occurs in locations and circumstances that do not always allow a quick response than thus the emphasis on quality personnel trained at a high professional level is critical. We also emphasize having a support network that is ready and accessible in any problematic situation that may occur in the field.
We also supply armored vehicles per request, as well as professionally trained drivers who completed training in operational driving courses.

Armed Courier Services 
Many of our customers have the need for a secure courier services, sometimes for an occasional event and with others its a part of their routine business activity. Armed couriers are needed when cash or other valuables are transported. Those might be daily or weekly incomes, diamonds and jewelry, art pieces and various valuables. Any movement of cash or other valuables is considered dangerous, there is always a risk some individuals or groups will try to rob these valuable items. Such an event risks not only the money but lives as well, therefore transportation of valuables is done only with secure couriers.
Unmillennium supplies international secure courier services for diverse clients from the private and commercial markets. More than once we heard about embezzlement within the secure courier companies; we believe that more than anything secure couriers are based on loyalty and devotion to one’s duty. Therefore we select our personal with great care and give the proper training to successfully complete this important task.

Secure couriers demand strict procedures in all aspects of the operation, starting with collecting the valuables until they are safely handed over at the final destination. There is a need for a compartmentalized plan to transport valuables without exposing them to unnecessary risks, often this requires secrecy. Any operation must consider a detailed action plan for any contingencies and malicious assaults. The team must have the proper training which will assure their readiness to handle any situation on the way. Our courier services include secured vehicles and armed couriers that are fully compliant with the relevant Israeli and international laws. Our services are also available to insurance companies.
Unmillennium has the experience to work with varied clients, from customs brokers to aviation companies in order to execute complex projects of transporting valuables worldwide.