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Convoys Security

Many personalities are mobilized during their work using secured convoys; those might be presidents and politicians, religious leaders and even wealthy people which are under threat. Convoys’ security requires skilled, trained and experienced personal. This is not about securing a location but securing personalities in movement within public spaces, often with multiple stops. The security guards are responsible for the convoy free movement without disturbance, harassments and to get safely to the destination.
Convoys are facing many risks, starting from terror attacks to annoying paparazzi. The guards should be prepare for any kinds of threat and work with all parties involved to secure the convoy. Secured convoy requires coordination and continuous communication between all parties involved to assure the free and safe movement of the convoy.  Obviously not all means are proper to be explained on line from security reasons, discrete communication must be kept all times.
Convoy security requires from the team to know all routes of the convoy including alternative and escape routes for emergency and to avoid routines. In the heart on every convoy there is a secured personality, he should be secured by all means, including tricking and misleading. Convoy security team includes professional drivers and a trained task force where each one has his own function in the convoy.
Even though the convoy must be prepared for any incident which might disturb the free and safe movement of the convoy, never the less an effort to prevent the incident should be done. Prevention is achieved with qualified guards, always alerted to recognize danger and by deterrence of a professional team. Hostiles will think twice before engaging with the task force.
We in Unmillennium always believed convoy security requires the right combination of trained personal with advanced driving skills, the latest technology and guards trained with firearms and contact combat. When dealing with convoy security there is no room for amateurism, all must be done according to a professional plan and procedures.