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Black Operations

The modern world and the current business environment leaves us no other option but to spend resources on security and defense, on a national level and on the personal level of the organization. When dealing with security issues, you may need a team for special mission which requires more advanced skills than the average security. Black operations are special security missions which demands a highly trained security team with the highest level of knowledge and skills.

We believe the success of black operations is mostly due to four main factors: mission definition, personal quality, training, practice and technology. When executing a special mission, first of all the mission objectives must be defined well, according to that the right team can be assembled, the right training and the suitable equipment and gear. A well a defined mission and a details plans are a must for its success.

Once the mission has been defined, the right personal should be selected. In Unmillennium we select the right people under strict screening process to assure us they have what it takes to handle the missions physically and mentally. The team must pass the proper training and preparation for the mission, usually they are required to master a wide area of skills. During a black operation we encounter many challenges which must be solved quickly and efficiently – only highly trained team who pass the strict screening process and received the right training is capable of that.

As well technology is playing a role in black operations; there are various technological elements in a mission, among them communication technologies, night vision, GPS and many more. High technological level is necessary for a mission success.

Unmillennium will deploy the most qualified team for global black operations and special missions. Each one in our team brings his own personal experience and knowledge to the mission. We supply discrete services, a critical requirement for mission success.
Among our services:

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Secret operations
  • Search and detection.
  • Secure Courier
  • Counter terrorism.