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Legal Services

UNMILLENNIUM-Services-Legal Services Executive

Legal Services — Execution

Unmillennium Legal Services specializes in recovering assets that were seized by foreign entities.
In light of our extensive experience and professional know-how, we can help you exercise your rights to the property in the quickest and most efficient manner.
The service provided by Unmillennium Legal Services is offered to individuals, lawyers, institutions, banks, receivers, etc.

Our people are certified by the Enforcement Authority and Court Administration, which are authorized to take various actions, including:


  • Asset eviction – Squatters, tenants and other residents who have defaulted on their payment plan, etc.
  • Business liquidation and eviction, bankrupt factories, factory security during strikes – specializing in this field for 10 years.
  • Taking possession of assets seized by squatters.

In addition, we provide related services, including:


  • Security and protection after taking possession of evicted property, preventing evictee access and entrance.
  • Documenting and photographing the activities, openly and under cover – as required
  • Coordinating and hiring various professionals needed for eviction activities, such as moving companies, locksmiths, storage sites, professional movers skilled for special operations.
  • Coordination with the Israel Police, paid police officers when necessary.

We guarantee you the fastest, best and most professional service.
We operate in accordance with court instructions and we will take care of the entire process for you.