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UNMILLENNIUM Security is a private security consulting and business advisory firm based in the United States and Israel. It was founded based upon the vision of Edi Gurlovsky, who envisioned a company that provides private security at the standards that are characteristic of elite counterterrorism units and security agencies. 
Our key values are integrity, professionalism and personal service. These values guide us in working with our clients in the assimilation, monitoring, and improvement of our services. Dozens of clients are satisfied as a result of our meticulous planning and tailor made security applications that addresses their individual needs.

The founders of Unmillennium realized that providing excellent security services requires more than simply being hiring people and clothing them with uniforms. In order to truly achieve excellence in security, the human factor is an integral component of a security array. Properly trained security personnel skilled in mitigation of varied and complex threats are the key to a successful security organization.  Our experience has shown that a high level of readiness, the ability to use force when appropriate as well as skillful application of preventative measures creates a deterrent and reduces the amount of incidents.  Our deterrent is our team of high quality personnel, their training and ongoing refinement and improvement of protective and defensive skills, as well as our excellence in leadership and use of advanced technological measures.

Our company provides a variety of security services for clients in Israel and abroad, ranging from security for businesses, agencies, public places, security for entertainment venues (bars and nightclubs), security consultation and training, supplying of equipment for combating terror. We can provide ushers, armed and unarmed security officers as well as installation and rental of equipment.

We are thoroughly familiar with the Israeli market and its security needs, but we are also experienced in the international security market- this allows Israeli companies to work with one security contractor for all their security needs.

Jobs & Vacancies

Caution! We work with professionals. See vacancies and send us your CV, you can in the relevant section.

Events Security

For many years, our company stands guard your safety. We professionally guarded bars and restaurants, night clubs and discotheques, various exhibitions and events. Our competent staff will not allow any disorder. Choosing our security – be sure you do not disappoint. No wonder our motto – Always present, always ready!

VIP Security

Unmillennium employs many veterans of the National Executive dignitary team and the respective military unit, experienced with formulating action plans based on various scenarios and customer needs while maintaining absolute discretion and confidentiality. The team trains and retains its operational fitness at governmental and private institutions in order to achieve the professional level defined by the Company vision. The field of delegation protection requires the mobilization of highly professional individuals in terms of security capabilities and the ability to provide a first-response for emergency medical situations. Delegation security is usually carried out in the field and in an environment that does not always enable a prompt response. Therefore, an emphasis must be placed on quality and highly professional personnel, ensuring a support system that is available for any problem that may arise in any terrain. Supplying armored vehicles upon demand, skilled and professional drivers who have undergone a professional driving course.

Legal Services

For the past 15 years, the Unmillennium’s Repossession department is managed by Dror Turjeman, authorized by the Israeli Enforcement and Collection Authority (court certified). The department consists of skilled and professional teams that execute court orders nationwide, property eviction, seize foreclosed vehicles, collect debts from debtors in Israel and abroad, locate debtors and handle the problematic elusive debtors. The team operates nationwide with 17 teams and patrol cars, working together with a team of movers.